guide to palm readings

A Comprehensive Guide To Palm Readings

Complete Guide to palm reading


Palm reading, also known as palmistry, is an ancient practice that is believed to have begun in ancient India before spreading to China, Persia, Egypt, and Greece and even receiving recognition from famous historians such as Aristotle.

It is not until the nineteenth century that this practice received recognition in the United Kingdom and the United States, which saw the birth of renowned palm readers such as William John Warner.

What then is palm reading?

Palm reading involves the physical analysis of the palms to construe the personality traits of a person and foretell future events in a person’s life.

Palm readers, such as Miami Psychic Readings by Liza, therefore, analyze and observe how the attributes of a person’s hands and palms connect to more significant themes. You can read 10 reasons to get a palm reading to find out more.

Palm reading is very different than tarot readings. However, one similarity is that with a tarot card reading you need some prior knowledge and training just as palm readings do.

What are some of the things a palm reader can tell you and how it can help?

A palm reader can tell you several things regarding your life by just analyzing your palm. Some of these things include:


By looking at your lifeline, a palm reader can inform you about your lifespan, strength and vitality. You can, therefore, know what to avoid regarding your health and plan your life well.


A palm reader can tell you about your fate. You should note, however, that determining fate is quite challenging since not everybody has the appropriate line denoting fate. It shouldn’t be alarming if you do not have this line since most people do not. By knowing your fate, you will learn about your general life path and how several outcomes may challenge your fortune.

Personal attributes

A palm reader can discern traits such as creativeness, willfulness, leadership, responsibility and beauty, among others. This is usually arrived at by looking at the mounts which are named after gods.Your attributes will, therefore, be construed depending on where the mounts are.

Love life

By reading your palms, a palm reader can tell you about your love life, which can help you in many ways. You can, therefore, choose to bring an end to a broken relationship, get over the pain of a lost one, and even wish for happiness once more.

By telling you about your love life, you also can decide to try finding love one more time and heal your scars. The palm reader can also guide you on finding the right people to love.

Lines of the palms

There are several lines of the palms that a palm reader focuses on to construe your life. These can be grouped into major and minor hand lines. The major hand lines include the life line, head line and the heart line.

Life line

The life line begins at the edge of the palm between the thumb through to the base of the thumb. It usually stands for a person’s lifespan, vitality and energy levels. It can also be read to tell whether a person is likely to suffer accidents or any severe illness throughout his or her life.

Head line

The head line begins from the edge of the palm between the thumb and the forefinger extending across the middle part of the palm with the life line below. It is used to depict a person’s creativity, wisdom, attitude, thinking, self-control and memory.

Heart line

The heart line, which is also referred to as the love line, is found above the headline. It starts from the edge of the palm under the little finger all through across the palm. It ends below the middle finger or the forefinger or the spot where they join.

Just from its name, it shows a person’s view and attitude towards love, which also includes the quality of love. From the heart line, a palm reader can establish the strength of someone’s affection, smooth or rough marriage life and the possibility of a healthy relationship.

The minor lines of the palms Are:

Marriage line– This line is also known as the affection line. It is located just above the heart line, below the base of the little finger. From its name, you can establish that it shows your marriage life, marriage time as well as love attitude.

Fate line-Fate line is also referred to as the career line. It is a vertical line that runs up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. It has no set starting point and can be anywhere from the bottom of your palm.This line portrays one’s fate, the career, or the job. You can, therefore, know some of the changes that will happen to your career during your life.

Money lines– These are straight lines found under the ring and the little finger. Several deep, clear and straight lines show a smart person who is capable of making a fortune on an investment.Please have in mind that this line cannot by itself determine the wealth a person will accumulate in life.

Health line– The health line has no defined starting point. According to Chinese palmistry, this line is also called an unhealthy line because it usually appears on the hands of a person who is not in optimum health.

Do not get misled, though. It is not absolute that the appearance of a health line must always denote an unhealthy person; the one that does not touch the life line is an indicator of prime health.

Travel line– This minor line denotes opportunities for either traveling or permanently residing abroad. It begins at the base of the edge of the palm. They are, therefore, the horizontal lines, which can be seen at the bottom half of the life line.

Bracelet line– The bracelet line is also referred to as the wrist line. It is located where the palm and the wrist join. Take note that not everybody has three complete bracelet lines with no marks.

Line of Mars– This line is situated slightly parallel to the life line. The line of Mars, which is usually located near the life line, is called the support life line, and the one further is called the family influence line.


Palm reading is a pretty common exercise that is acknowledged and practiced by a number of communities. It’s best to hire a skilled palm reader such as palm readings Miami for your future dabble in palmistry.

Additionally, we have given you a guide to palm reading which I hope will answer some of your questions.