For a gifted psychic in Aventura, Florida choose Miami Psychic Readings by Liza.  We offer a number of services in Aventura and beyond.

Psychic Aventura FL

The best psychic Aventura, Florida. Psychic Readings by Liza is a gifted spiritual healer in the Miami-Dade County city of Aventura.


YEARS As A Psychic In Aventura, FL

Liza has 15+ years as a gifted psychic intuitive servicing Aventura and many of the neighboring areas.

Spiritual Readings From Your Aventura Medium

If you are here, you are probably seeking out a spiritual medium in Aventura Florida. Miami Psychic Readings by Liza is a gifted spiritual medium servicing Aventura and many of the other surrounding areas. You can learn more about everything Liza has to offer by clicking the link below.
We believe you can truly enhance your life if you embark upon a spiritual journey with us. Choose Miami Psychic Readings by Liza and choose to fully accept and realize your past, present and future.

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Visiting A Psychic Will Give You Clarity And Hope

Visiting a psychic can be an uplifting and reassuring experience. With Aventura's Psychic Liza's intuitive guidance and wisdom, she can help give perspective on life's many twists and turns.


Through clear reading of one's past, present, and potential future, Liza can provide impactful insights into the bigger picture and help show opportunities that were previously hidden.


Not only can it provide clarity, but also hope and change: a feeling of assurance that it truly gets better from here. That's another benefit of working with Liza.


Don't let doubts or hesitation hold you back; taking the leap of faith in assistance from someone with special gifts is sure to bring about positive change in both mindset and approach to life.

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Rhonda W.

I'm big into psychic readings. I'm a recent transplant to Miami and needed to set my self up with a new psychic. Liza will definitely be someone I see again.

Krista R.

Wow! All I can say is wow! What an awesome experience. I'm so blown away by the accuracy and detail in my reading at Miami psychic.


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Aventura Psychic Liza: FAQs

We have named our business as such because many years ago we were located in Miami. Over the years we grew as a psychic business and eventually found our home to be in another location. However, the brand name was so strong we didn’t want to rename our business Aventura psychic readings by Liza.

We know this aspect may be a little confusing. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Liza provides a full range of psychic services, from psychic readings to tarot card readings to palm readings and more. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our services or visit this page here.