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The best tarot reading Miami FL services are provided Miami Psychic Readings! We offer many different spreads and reading services to suite your needs.


YEARS As Miami's Gifted Tarot Card Reader

Be prepared to receive one of the best readings you've ever experienced!

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Miami Psychic readings by Liza provides quality tarot readings near Miami and it's surrounding areas. We pride ourself on our services and are gifted in all things tarot!

When you book an appointment with us, we will advise you on our services and recommendations. There are many options when it comes to different spreads. Some spreads are better for certain things than others. We will guide you and hope to hear from you very soon!

If you have been considering getting a tarot card reading, this is a great place to start!

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QUALITY Tarot Card Readings In Miami For True Transformation

Miami Psychic Readings by Liza offers tarot card readings that will lead to a greater level of clarity, understanding, healing and transformation. Additionally, our gifted psychic reader will choose the appropriate spread for you. With our business, you can expect exceptional services from a skilled medium in Miami-Dade County.


Tarot card readings can reveal hidden truths and lead to greater clarity and peace.


When you understand yourself more clearly, you'll experience huge transformation!


Miami Psychic Readings is here for you on your journey towards greater acceptance.

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Rhonda W.

I'm big into psychic readings. I'm a recent transplant to Miami and needed to set my self up with a new psychic. Liza will definitely be someone I see again.

Krista R.

Wow! All I can say is wow! What an awesome experience. I'm so blown away by the accuracy and detail in my reading at Miami psychic.


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