astrological compatibility

The Truth About Astrological Compatibility

Is the secret of your relationship written in the stars?

The answer, according to astrology, is yes. There are certain people in this world we feel an instant connection and compatibility to, others less so. Indeed it seems that different people bring out very different parts of our personality. Why is this so?

Well, according to astrology, it is all about how our different birth charts are connected to each other. The art of astrological compatibility or synastry as it is known, involves overlaying two birth charts and seeing where there are connections between the different planets. 

There are two parts to this birth chart compatibility test described below:

Firstly we look at how, the planets are connected to each other, if at all. They could be next to each other, or opposite each other or at a certain significant angle from each other or not related at all. 

These are how the planets relate to each other. The connection can be easy or difficult depending on the type. For example planets being next to each other would indicate a common outlook while planets being square on to each other a more tension filled connection. 

Secondly we look at which are the planets involved in any connection. This determines what parts of our personalities are brought out in this relationship. 

For example a Mars Venus connection between two people would be in the area of attraction, while a connection between the two Moons would be in the area of the emotions, while a connection involving Jupiter and the Sun would be to do with the two people inspiring each other.

Combining these two aspects, we will have a number of easy or more difficult connections to each person relating to different areas of our lives.  Generally speaking, the more of these connections we have, the more interesting the person will be to us, in either a positive or negative way or a combination of the two.

An astrology compatibility reading will give a detailed assessment of each of the individual connections between two people’s birth charts and the practical day to day meaning of those connections in the relationship. 

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