What Is The One Card Tarot Reading

The One Card Tarot Reading Is Amazing

The one card tarot reading can give you a well defined answer that other traditional readings using more cards may not be able to do. With one card your get a much focused answer to the problem at hand. The real trick to doing an one card tarot reading lies in your knowledge of the symbols on your deck and what those symbols can represent.

About The Cards In The Deck

Each deck of these cards is crafted with different symbols referring to different things. You will find versions that have angels to them, and versions like the Thoth decks that have a lot of serpentine symbols reflected to them. You can find decks with animals of all different types and other pictorial representations of things both living and non-living. So make sure that you are familiar with the deck you are going to use and what the symbols on the different cards refer to.

Ask A Question To The Tarot Deck

You must formulate a problem for the reading to answer. Be careful that you do not ask a question that is too specific because the one card tarot reading may not be able to supply the answer to “will I get the job at the bank” but may be able to shed light on “what direction should I go in to advance my career”.

Fan all of the deck out on the table in front of you. Allow your left hand to gradually move within the enthusiast of credit cards. You intend to focus on the question you are requesting when you allow your hands to gradually float right above the credit cards up for grabs. Allow the credit card to choose you and stop your hands when you are feeling a solid compulsion to take action. Turn that one credit card face up.

TIP TO REFLECT ON: You will need to shuffle the deck at the least 3 different times. When you are shuffling you will need to focus on the concern that you would like the credit cards to show the response to. This is an essential step in making sure that the answer you obtain is pertinent to the question in your thoughts.

Don’t quickly make an effort to form your meaning of the cards. Instead absorb the icons on the credit card and think of what these icons mean with regards to each other and what they may mean with regards to the question you have in your thoughts.

Receiving A Message

You can allow your brain to stay uncommitted and invite your gut instinct to help you to the response to the problem that you request. Usually do not try to drive the answer but let it formulate in your thoughts in its time. This is actually the only way to execute an one credit card tarot reading and know that you will be obtaining a relevant solution or question you will need a solution for.